Monday, August 15, 2016

5 Preventative Maintenance Services That All Cars Need

Any mechanic worth his salt will agree that preventative maintenance is essential. Those who do not take the time to perform these simple tasks will end up spending twice as much on repairs or a new car.

Changing the Wipers

Wipers wear out periodically. Worn rubber streaks the windshield, making it impossible to see. This is a danger to anyone on the roadway. It is important to change the wipers before they wear down in order to prevent accidents and increase visibility while driving.

Getting An Oil Change

Dirty oil doesn’t provide the necessary protection to prevent engine wear. The muck can also make the motor work harder than needed. Most people follow the 3-month/3,000-mile rule. However, to ensure the engine is adequately taken care of, check the owner’s manual for the right interval.

Rotating and Balancing the Tires

Rotating the tires allows owners to ensure that the tires get even wear for a smooth ride. Rotating and balancing allow the tires to last longer.

Replacing the Cabin Filter

The cabin air filter is often overlooked, but it is one of the easiest things to do. It allows the occupants to stay comfortable and filters most of the pollen and pollution out.

Replacing the Engine Filter

The engine filter is different and not as easy to replace. However, it helps keep air flowing through the engine properly. Check the owner’s manual for change schedule.

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